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Dust Bunnies...?

Does your system have asthma?

A dirty computer can run louder, hotter, and cost you more. Dust can clog your CPU's heat sink, gum up your system fans, and reduce airflow through your computer case. All of these things increase your system's temperature causing fans to run faster and louder. Also, your system can simply shut itself down if the CPU's thermal sensor reaches it upper limit. All of these problems can be treated with a good cleaning. Even laptops will start shutting down if there is not enough airflow through their CPU or video card heat sinks. Have us clean your system today.

Cleanliness is next to good computery-ness.

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Long Beach Computer Physical Cleaning

Desktop Cleaning: Interior case vacuuming. All cards and RAM removed and re-fitted to ensure proper seating. CPU heat sink cleaning. Video card heat sink cleaning. All case fans inspected. All case vents cleared.


Laptop Cleaning: Keyboard removed and vacuumed. Disassembly of laptop to gain access to heat sinks. Heat sinks cleared. Case vents cleared. Screen cleaned. RAM and Mini-cards removed and reseated. Reassembly.