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Stop Hating Your Computer...

Is your system refusing to respond, shutting down unexpectedly, or simply spending too much time offline? Do you suspect that a virus, or spyware, has made its way onto your computer? Is your hard drive making funny clicking noises?

We can help...

We can diagnose and repair any computer problem, whether you have virus/spyware problems, or dying hardware. Once your system is running properly again, we will suggest any hardware or software upgrades or updates that would make your system run even better. And once your system is running at its best, we can help you setup data backups so
Long Beach Computer Services
you can sleep well at night knowing that your precious data is safe and secure.

But what if it's too late and your system won't boot at all?

If your hard drive is on its last leg it is often times possible to retrieve the data you have worked so hard to amass over the years..and if the drive is dead and gone, we can refer you to data recovery services that are typically capable of saving your data, even if the drive is physically damaged.

And, of course, it never hurts to physically clean your desktop or laptop to avoid possible issues caused by dust corruption or dirty sockets.

Whatever computer problems you are having, we can get you back on track...

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