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Just What Is PatchWorks?

We'd like to think of ourselves as normal people...

How do you write a paragraph about nerdy compu-junkies and make it sound cool? Well, we're not hypertensive introverts with irritable bowel syndrome and we don't chuckle when somebody says they "need a hard drive". We also avoid taping our glasses together in the middle or wearing pocket protectors. What we do is live, eat, and breathe technology. It's a passion for us that was spawned in the early 80's when the Commodore 64 reigned supreme. On the Web since before it was called "the Web", we have seen every iteration of every software trend and held every version of every type of computer hardware. We're the guys that actually read the manual. And guess what we do when the working day ends? We play with computers! Tweak them, mod them, break them just to fix them, chrome plate them, refrigerate them, bend them to our wishes, integrate them, accelerate them, make them do the dishes :)

...OK, we are pretty nerdy.

Anyway, whatever issues you might be having in your computing life, we can probably help. At the very least, we can most definitely commiserate!

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