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Does Your Computer Need An Organ Transplant?

Your computer loves you...Love it back.

Is it time for an upgrade. A new video card, hard drive, or CPU can reenergize your computing experience, and breathe new life into a box you thought was ready for the scrap yard. Due to the high availability and low price of RAM, there's little reason not to install as much as your system can take. There is a fine cost / benefit line between upgrading what you have and just getting yourself a whole new system. We can help you make that decision.

Computer hardware is outdated the day you buy it.

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Long Beach Computer Hardware Replacement Services

Consultation: We can help you decide whether or not you should upgrade or buy new. We will research your system's component specifications and provide you either with suggestions for any hardware upgrades that we think would help you get the most out of your current computer, or a recommendation to retire your old system and start new.


Hardware Installations: Installation of new hardware, its required software / drivers, and testing to make sure everything is working properly. This includes new video cards, additional hard drives, additional RAM, CD / DVD Burners, etc.

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Hardware Replacing: Removal of outdated hardware and installation of replacement component. We will check to make sure things are working correctly, and we will even recycle your old parts!

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Hard Drive Replacing: Removal and cloning of old drive. Installation of new drive.

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