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Computer Repairs
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We Can Make It Better, Stronger, Faster...

Once you know what's wrong, it's time to take action. Get rid of that virus or trojan before it crashes your system completely, or worse, before it sends your private information off to the bad guys. Fix that jittery video playback with a new, more powerful, discrete video card. Replace that hard drive before it stops spinning and takes all of your precious photos and MP3s with it.

Whatever computer problems you are having, we can get you back on track...

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Long Beach Computer Repairs

Diagnostic & Repair: Complete diagnosis plus software repairs and updates including spyware and virus removal

compare to Geek Squad® $199

Diagnostic, Repair, and Upgrade: Same as above, plus installation of 1 hardware device (such as memory, hard drive, video card, etc.), installation of related device driver software, and proper configuration of installed device.

compare to Geek Squad® $239

Complete System Restore / Clean Install: Sometimes it's simply too late to remove a virus or spyware, or maybe your system is just missing that new computer smell that your it had when you first bought it...We can restore your machine to its original "just off the showroom floor" state. (System restore disks, or partition required for restore. Clean install requires OS disk. Call for more details)

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